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This is a product from our Quality Used/Collectable Magic Department - Excellent working example of this classic effect of magic - This is an original version and not a cheap modern copy.

You start by having a card selected, signed and returned to the deck. You then explain that you have trained your Duck to find the spectators chosen card. The deck is placed in a holder that sits in front of the Duck. After some byplay, the Duck leans forward, its beak opens and picks a card from the deck. You take the card from its beak, and show it is the spectators signed card. This is a regular deck, which can be fully examined before and after the effect. More than one card can be selected, and the Duck is able to find them. A great effect for all types of audiences, can be done with number cards, alphabet cards or picture cards.

Includes instructions, gag blindfold and regular deck



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Vintage Card Picking Duck

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