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Vegas Card Mystery

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The magician begins to tell his audience about a trip to Las Vegas. The props he intends using in the effect are souvenirs which he brought back from his trip.

A spectator is given a small envelope which the magician claims contains a prediction. The spectator keeps the envelope/prediction safe until the end. Next, the magician introduces the deck of cards to be used, the deck is freely spread face up to show a well mixed deck. The deck is flipped face down and spread again and is seen to have been put together from different cards from different casinos. A spectator (or two) select two cards, one face up and one face down. Therefore, the spectator(s) have selected a playing card and a casino.

The envelope is opened and the contents removed. The item inside is a souvenir key ring from a Las Vegas casino and has a miniature playing card on its reverse side. However, the casino and playing card represented on the keyring does NOT match the spectators selections! But wait, the magician explains that he is not concerned with the visible sides of the selected cards but the sides of the cards not yet seen by anyone. The two selected cards are turned over, amazingly, the card and casino are discovered to be a perfect match to the keyring!

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