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This is a fantastic effect and is very easy to perform. You show a tray, front and back, and place this down on the table. Now, you place two Chinese style tea chests on the tray. The chests have holes running through the sides, and through the holes there is a threaded a white ribbon. The ribbon can be initialed by a spectator at each and. The boxes are now parted, and the ribbon can be clearly seen to run from one chest to the other. The ribbon is now CLEARLY cut, and can now be seen to be in two halves. You attract the spectators attention to the Chinese symbols on the box, which translate into English as 'Unity' The boxes are placed next to each other, and the ribbon pulled from one end. Amazingly the whole ribbon starts to move, and can be pulled through the chests to show it is in one piece.The ribbon can now be examined to show that the initials are there, and it is in one piece. This can be given away as a souvenir or re-used again. The method is ingenious, and we are sure it will appreciate the quality and simplicity of this effect!
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Unity Illusion by Tony Davies - Merlins Premier Range

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