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Trapped by 3D Magic Works

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The performer presents a beautiful gray marble looking table with a wood inlay top and an ornate box/square tube, which has the look of black granite. This black box/tube has a lid at both ends and fits in the center recess of the table. Alongside the stand, another smaller box is presented with a red dragon head design on the cover.

The black box/tube is removed from the stand to show that the same red dragon design can be seen on all four sides and then placed back into the recess of the table. Next the performer lifts the box/tube from the table, leaving the lower lid in the recess of the table, revealing a stack of three blocks (dragon tower), resting on inside of the lid. The stack of blocks is seen as follows; red (bottom), gray (middle), red (top).

At this point, the smaller black box is shown and opened to reveal another gray block (dragon block) adorned with red dragon heads on four sides and inlaid with a black symbol matching the symbol on the outside box/tube lids (silver inlay on one lid and golden inlay on the other). This block represents the dragon and once it is placed on top of the dragon tower (stack of blocks) the dragon will be stripped of its powers of flight, fire and fight. The dragon block is removed from the smaller black box (cage) and placed on the top of the dragon tower as the fourth block. The dragon is now held captive on top of the dragon tower.

The performer covers the stack of blocks with the black box/tube and, with both hands, picks it up off the table with both lids in place. The performer then explains the only way the dragon can get free is to regain its powers, escape and touch the earth below the base of the dragon tower (block stack). The dragon believes if it shakes the dragon tower hard enough, it would eventually tumble off the top of the dragon tower thus allowing the dragon to escape.

The performer shakes the entire box so all of the blocks can be heard tumbling around. Surly the dragon has accomplished what it had planned and shaken free of the dragon tower. The performer places the black box back onto the table, the same way as it was prior to picking it up and removes the black box/tube to reveal the blocks again. But, instead of the blocks being all jumbled up and the dragon gaining its freedom, the dragon tower stands perfectly stacked as it was before with the dragon still imprisoned at the top.

The black box/tube is replaced back over the stack of blocks and the performer continues to explain that as the dragon was shaking the dragon tower, it had noticed cracks forming that led downward through the tower. All the dragon would need to do is shake harder to create an opening large enough to get to the base of the tower with the hopes of regaining its powers and becoming free.

The performer picks up the black box/tube (with both lids in place) and starts to shake it and, once again, the blocks can be heard tumbling around. As the performer shakes the black box/tube, he/she turns the entire black box/tube upside down so as to show what the dragon is trying to do by getting to the bottom/base of the dragon tower.

It can be clearly seen that the entire black box/tube has been completely rotated upside-down as the dragon designs on all four sides are obviously upside-down and the inlaid symbol on the lid is now the gold inlay where it was silver prior.

The performer points out that by rotating the entire black box/tunnel along with the dragon tower, the tower/stack of blocks should now be inverted with the dragon block now at the bottom so that the dragon may regain its powers and freedom. The performer removes the black box/cover to reveal the stack of blocks to beeeeee . . . in the exact same order as before, with the dragon still imprisoned atop the dragon tower. How can this be?

Perhaps the dragon miscalculated or became confused going through the dragon tower. The performer again covers the stack of blocks with the black box/tube and again shakes it, so the blocks can be heard tumbling again, and rotates it 180 degrees again, so the dragon designs are up right and the silver inlay on the lid is visible again. The black box/tube is again removed and the stack of blocks is still in the same order with the dragon still captive and powerless at the top. The lid on the black box/tube is removed and the tube shown to be empty.

The dragon is truly "Trapped" !

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. The black sparkle pieces are printed with specialty filament created for a granite appearance. The gray pieces are printed with a specialty filament created for a marble appearance.

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