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Tora Magic

Amazing Torch to Parasol by Tora
T1423 Automatic Torch to Parasol by Tora
£100.00 £125.00
Appearing Three Crystal Cubes
T2136 Appearing Three Crystal Cubes
£250.00 £295.00
Auto Dove to Silk by Tora
T1055 Auto Dove to Silk. The method is almost as amazing as the effect.
£125.00 £165.00
Back of Tora Cube Die Box
T2063 Tora Back of Cube Die Box
£250.00 £300.00
Bird Cage from Briefcase by Tora
T1024 (one cage)Bird Cage from Briefcase by Tora
£125.00 £225.00
Break Away Fan (Pro Version) by Tora
Break Away Fan (Pro Version)
£20.00 £25.00
Cane to Plume
T1805 Cane to Plume
£60.00 £125.00
Crushed Die by Tora
T2604 Crushed Die by Tora
From: £15.00
Dice Transference by Tora
T3001 Dice Transference by Tora
£75.00 £150.00
Die and Zebra Silk
£150.00 £195.00
Dove in Balloon Cage
T1013 Dove in Balloon Cage
£125.00 £200.00
Dove Nest by Tora
Tora Dove Nest
£65.00 £95.00
Dove on Sword by Tora
Tora Dove on Sword
£175.00 £225.00
Fire and Dove Box
£100.00 £165.00
Fire Wallet by Tora
Tora Super Fire Wallet
Flower Maker Tube by Tora
T1828 Flower Making Tube by Tora
£200.00 £275.00
Folding Production Top Hat
Folding Top Hat Production
£45.00 £75.00
Glass Pyramid by Tora Magic
T1065 This item is incredible, totally mechanical in operation, Folds down so it can be easily transported
£150.00 £300.00
Head Fire by Tora
T1413 Head Fire by Tora
£195.00 £245.00
Instant Silk Vanishing Wand
£30.00 £40.00
Multiplying Bottles (Set  Metal Tubes)
T2011 Multiplying Bottles Set of 8 with metal tubes
From: £175.00 £245.00
New Style Silk in Bottle by Tora
DISC New Style Silk in Bottle by Tora
£99.00 £125.00
Production Sleeve Bouquet
The classic bouquet production.
£40.00 £65.00
Rubik Cube by Tora
T2069 The Rubiks Cube is taken from the box the cube is now solved!
£100.00 £149.95
Special Vanishing Die by Tora GIANT SIZE
T1052 Super Giant Vanishing Die by Tora
£275.00 £325.00
Starlight Bag to Silk
Starlight Bag to Silk in Standard and other designs.
£75.00 £100.00
Starlight TieCascade Tie
Starlight TieCascade Tie
£60.00 £75.00
Sucker Sliding Clock Box (Die Box) by Tora Magic
Transfer of Clocks by Tora Magic
£200.00 £245.00
The Necklace Frame
The Necklace Frame
From: £45.00 £55.00
Three Silk Frame by Tora
T1207 Three Silk Frame by Tora
£65.00 £85.00
Tora Wonderful Paper Bag
£65.00 £75.00
Triple Colour Changing Dice by Tora Magic
Colour Changing Dice 3 Times by Tora Magic
£145.00 £165.00
Wand to Snake by Tora
Wand to Snake
Zip Change Bag by Tora Magic
T2001 New Zip Change Bag
£50.00 £65.00