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The Magic of Francis Carlyle by RogerPierre

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1 First Lesson
1 The Two Black Aces (Bert Allerton): Black Aces placed in middle of deck return to top and bottom
5 The Gun (Peter Kane & Ken Krenzel): chosen card propells out of the deck
9 Stanley Collins - Carlyle Ace Trick: poker demo
11 The Educated Deck: face up indicator card finds selection
12 Comedy Rising Card
13 Three Peeks: three methods

15 Second Lesson
15 Caryle Ace Trick: Red and Black Act transposition
18 Card Through Box and Hank: selection penetrates card box and handkerchief
20 Dots It: novel location
20 Infallible Thought Card: Red baced Five of Hearts and Blue Backed 10 of Spade face down on table; magician guesses which card the spectator has in mind
22 1 to 5 Change: order of the one to five of Spades reverses
23 Francis Carlyle False Count: show more cards than are present
23 Biddle Pop-Over: selection vanishes from packet and is found reversed in deck
25 Coins Through the Table: new addition
28 The Double Lift
31 The Fan Location

35 Third Lesson
35 Cigarette Vanisher
36 Replacement of Bottom Palmed Cards
37 The Fastest Change (Carmen Demico): instant change of face up Card
38 The One Hand Top Palm
41 The One Hand Coin Switch
43 The Copper Silver Transposition: in spectator's hands
46 Copper-Silver Switch
48 Signed Coin Switch
47 Expansion of Texture (L'Homme Masque): Silver coin joins copper in handkerchief held by spectator
54 A Coin Vanish
56 Silver or Copper Extraction: at choice of spectator
61 Palmed Card Replacement
62 A Double Shuffle to Retain a Top Card: two methods
64 The No Pass Utility Move: bring card to top of deck

67 Fourth Lesson
67 Mental Selection of a Card
67 Carlyle's Miracle: The Cops and the Culprit - a sandwich routine
73 The Vernon Touch: another use for Vernon's Push-Over move
74 Out of This World Tips & Bits of Business
75 Impromptu Jack McMillen Rising Card
77 Matching the Selected Card: magician makes good
78 The Al Leech Discovery of the Aces

81 Fifth Lesson
81 One Handed Pass Locator
81 Transposition Reverse: mixed face up and face down cards right themselves except for two selections
84 The Old Ash Trick
86 Carlyle's Remote Control: spectator pushes reversed card into deck behind his back, locating a pre-selected card
87 Al Baker's Version: follow up
89 The Professor Loewy Palm: palming top card
90 The Bottom Palm
92 Two Dice Switches
95 The Top Change
96 Sucker Tricks: three of them
97 Sugar Transfer: initials of selected card appear on wrist of spectator
98 The New, Revised Version of the HOming Card
104 A Multiple Card Palm and Steal: utilizing the diagonal push-through method

109 Sixth Lesson
109 Notes: some tips & suggestion
110 Date Card Trick: cutting the Aces variation
111 The Slip Force
112 Card to Pocket: new move
115 Herb Zarrow's False Shuffle: false riffle shuffle
116 Using a Center Packet
117 Carlyle's Cold Deck Switch
119 The Pocket Switch
120 $5 & $1 Transpo

123 Seventh Lesson
123 Background: creators/brief history notes of the Haunted Deck, Brain Wave Dec, Ultra Mental, and Nail Writer
124 The Three Digit Miracle of Calder: spectator and magician's minds are read
125 Dunninger's Addition Slates: prediction of a sum of numbers
126 More Bits of Business
127 Anneman's Test of the Tiber: Dr. Jaks handling
128 Sightless Vision
129 More Tips and Bits
130 Magician's Nightmare (Al Koran): discover a mentally chosen card

133 Eighth Lesson
133 Salted Deck
133 Mogul: center tear tip
134 The Mnemnonic Code: extention of memory code
135 Numerical Dictonary
136 Pat Hennesy's Any Card: cutting to any card
138 Card Verbs - Numbers: for code
139 Verb Order: code
141 Uses: with the Pat Hennesy method and the False Middle Cut
142 False Middle Cut
144 Another Peek
145 The Tom Hawbecker Triple Prediction: two spectators deal to same card which matches reversed card in magician's deck

147 Ninth Lesson
147 Ken Brooke, esq.: a brief dedication
148 Card to Borrowed Envelope & Wallet
152 Top & Bottom of the Glass Transposition: card transposition
153 Card Transpo: Move to change a card as it is turned over
154 Transpo in the Hand: signed card held by spectator becomes same card signed by another spectator
155 The Poker Hand (Peter Kane): magician makes good idea
156 The Salt Gimmick Hand Servante: tip
156 Father Blantz: bar tip
157 Sponge Balls: the Carlyle Vanish
161 Almost Half: surprise ending to the three and a half trick
163 The Second Deal: new method
166 The Passe-Passe Cards: three cards pass from one packet to another
170 The Push-Over False Count

173 The Finale
173 The Paul Le Paul Signed Cards to Sealed Envelope & Wallet (Fred Kaps)
179 Construction of the Paul Le Paul Wallet
180 The Envelope

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