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The Color of Mummy by 3D Magic Works

The Color of Mummy by 3D Magic Works
The Color of Mummy by 3D Magic Works The Color of Mummy by 3D Magic Works The Color of Mummy by 3D Magic Works The Color of Mummy by 3D Magic Works
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The performer presents an ornate stand with two unique boxes displayed upon it. The stand and boxes are seen to have Egyptian hieroglyphics and decorations on them. The larger box (tomb box) with the inlaid Ankh (Egyptian symbol for life) and snake (Wadjet; protector of country, pharaohs and Deities) houses a sarcophagus. The performer tilts the tomb box towards his other open palm and lets the sarcophagus slide out. On the lid on the sarcophagus is inlaid an Ankh and the Feather of Maat (truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality and justice).

The performer removes the lid of the sarcophagus to reveal an all-White Mummy resting inside. The Mummy is removed and the inside of the sarcophagus is shown to have black sides/inner walls with a majestic red velvet lined bottom. The White Mummy is returned to the sarcophagus and the lid is replaced. The closed sarcophagus is then returned to the outer tomb box and is set to the side.

Next, the performer slides the stand in front of him/her and removes the second box which has an image of an Egyptian scarab mounted to the lid. The scarab box is picked up by the performer and the lid is removed and set aside. The performer then dumps out the contents of the scarab box onto the table in front of the spectator. There is seen to be another smaller box, with a window in the lid in the shape of the Feather of Maat, and six colored chips; Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Red and Silver.

The performer explains that the spectator will decide which color is selected and this will be done in the fairest possible of ways. . . by random chance. The performer picks up all six colored chips and asks the spectator to hold out their hand. The performer places all six chips into the spectators open hand and asks him/her to cover the chips with their other hand so they can shake the chips up and drop them on the table. Any chip that lands up-side-down will be removed and placed back into the scarab box. The spectator will do this until there is only one chip remaining , color side up. The performer explains, that if at any time all the chips are dropped and all happen to land up-side-down, then all the chips from that "shake" will be re-shaken and dropped again. There must be just one color left in play to continue.

The spectator will drop the chips and the performer will remove from play the upside down chips after each turn and place them into the scarab box. The performer picks up the color-side-up chips and places them in the spectators hand until one final color is determined. Once the final color has been determined, the performer will place that chip (color side up) into the small box so the color can be seen through the feather window of the small Maat box lid.

The performer places the Maat box in front of the empty Egyptian stand and slides the scarab box off to the side. The tomb box is picked up and the sarcophagus is once again slid out and this time placed into the Egyptian stand. The performer explains of the powers of the Egyptian Deities (Egyptian Gods) that this Egyptian stand possesses and picks up the Maat box and waves it over the sarcophagus. The performer sets the Maat box down next to the Egyptian stand (so the color is visible through the feather window) and then removes the lid of the sarcophagus to reveal that the Mummy inside has now changed from White to match the color chip within the Maat box. The Mummy is then removed from the sarcophagus and placed next to the Maat Box.

This entire set consists of over 70 individual 3D printed pieces which are hand assembled to create this wonderful effect. Because of the amount of printing involved and the number of pieces, it takes one full day to print and assemble one complete set.

The light and dark brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. The inlays, scarab and Mummy on the storage box are 3D printed using a unique filament that has been infused with genuine bronze alloy.

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