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This is a product from our Quality Used/Collectable Magic Department. It is a very rare Magic Wagon effect.

Introduction by Steve Cook: What follows is my take on Al Koran’s wonderful effect, The Gold Medallion. As much as I love the concept of the original effect, I always felt it to be somewhat illogical. I mention this with no detriment intended either to the memory of the late, Al Koran or indeed, any of those many other fine performers who, over the years, have used the effect regularly. I always wondered what a layman would think of the effect. The logistics of the thing might fly by him of course, however, I think that the intelligent layman might ask himself, why would someone go to the trouble of having a medallion inscribed with a number? Personally, it seemed contrived and too perfect. Suffice to say that I believe I’ve made the effect much more logical and given it a radical new twist. For instance, the medallion used, isn’t inscribed. I believe the handling is natural, logical and virtually worry-free. The story used is plausible and arresting. All needed for this powerful effect is included.

Effect: What follows is an updated version of an effect by Al Koran called The Gold Medallion. The performer displays a small ornate veneer wood box which he states contains two items. Inside are a limited edition medallion and a small sealed envelope. These special medallions the story goes were carried or worn in the past by sailors for good luck when passing through the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

The medallion is now shown to a spectator who can see the various symbols and numbers engraved on it.
After explaining what the various symbols and numbers mean the performer states he will now attempt to mentally transmit a number to them between 1 and 1000. The spectator now reveals the number they mentally received which is then shown to match the one written on an “authenticity slip” in a sealed envelope that was inside the box.

No forcing of the number is required and can be different every time. Comes complete with hand crafted medallion, veneer wood box, leather note pad, custom made envelopes, authenticity slips and stylish ballpoint pen.



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THE BERMUDA MEDALLION by Magic Wagon and Steve Cook

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