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Used book in great condition - rare find 1997 Hardback with dust Jacket

Jon LeClair is without doubt one of the finest exponents of invisible thread magic in the world, a branch of conjuring technology that is frequently misunderstood and too oft abused. While the idea of connecting a thread to something and thus animating or levitating it seems extremely simple in principle, simple does not mean easy (as Al Baker so sagely warned us), and in practice invisible thread is anything but easy to use effectively. With recent advancements in this area, especially the use of invisible thread reels, the work seems to have merely become easier to do badly, as tyros step, yard by yard, further and further away from that floating bill, flailing or, worse yet, dropping their arms, until all but the blind old lady at the back of the room has assuredly reached the insight that, yes, Virginia, they really do make thread that thin.



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The Art of Invisible Thread by Jon LeClair

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