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Telepathy Testing Card 2.0 by Paul Carnazzo

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The first of the Mental Voyage line of Wallet Mentalism Cards, now made of 100% plastic!

Test Conditions is a perfect tool for the mentalist!

It appears to be an authentic “Telepathy Testing Card” from the National Institute of Parapsychology.

Perfect for anytime, walk around and close up mentalism! This is a complete routine that fits neatly in your wallet! Be ready to perform a complete routine with just one card!

The card is about the same width as a credit card, but a little taller, so it fits perfectly in a standard credit card slot in any wallet. On it are several tests that are used to test both the spectator’s and the performer’s ‘telepathic ability’.

First, the spectator is asked to merely think of one of the E.S.P. symbols on the front of the card, and the performer correctly names it!

Next, the spectator’s abilities are put to the test. The performer tries to transmit 12 different items to the spectator, and amazingly the spectator gets most, if not ALL, of the items correct!

Then, a spectator thinks of a number and finds a country from a list according to the secretly chosen number. The performer correctly divines what country the spectator is thinking of!

Finally, the spectator thinks of any word from a list of 12 words (free choice), then uses word association to come up with a new word, and miraculously, without any questions and nothing written down the performer tells the spectator what the word is!

There are also 3 additional BONUS effects included in the instructions using the card.

The following is true about TEST CONDITIONS:

  • Made of 100% plastic and extremely durable!

  • The spectators make free choices

  • Nothing is ever written down

  • One card can be used for a 15-20 minute routine

  • Compact! All of the above ‘tests’ are on one card that fits neatly in your wallet!

  • The card is un-gimmicked and can be handled by the spectator freely

  • No “instant stooges” or “dual reality”

  • Each ‘test’ can be used for different spectators for more audience involvement

  • The card appears to spectators to be an authentic testing tool

  • Card is durable and will last a long time!

 Includes one double-sided card and PDF instruction manual.

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