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A completely self-working gem of card magic–now even better!

Effect: The magician introduces an interesting deck of playing cards–one with 52 different back designs. Two of these cards are placed face up on the table, let’s say the jack of hearts and the seven of clubs each deck is different. The spectator now takes the deck and deals the cards into a face-down pile on the table, stopping anywhere he likes. The spectator has an absolutely free choice of where to stop the deal. One of the face-up cards is now dropped on top of the dealt pile and the rest of the cards are dropped on top, burying it somewhere in the center.

The spectator now deals again, stopping anywhere he likes, and the remaining face-up card is dropped on top of the dealt pile, which is in turn covered with the balance of the deck. The deck is now spread the two face-up cards are slid out along with the face down card that lies next to each. These two cards are turned face up and they MATCH the face-up cards! The cards are now turned face down and the backs match as well! Wait, there’s more! For the killer finish, the deck is spread face up to reveal it consists of all tens of diamonds!

Comes complete with a custom "Rainbow Deck" and Lennart's ultra-commercial presentation!

Absolutely No Skill Required!

This is the original A-1 Magicalmedia release and comes with the original written instructions.



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STOLEN CARDS by Lennart Green

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