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This desk top deck case makes your deck of cards look like a steampunk inspired spell book. Use it to keep your deck protected while traveling or to display your deck in a unique way that gives easy access if you feel like picking it up to play.

– Use with your tuck case for travel, or use without your tuck case to give a bound spell book effect when on display.
– Each deck case also comes with a removable stand for desk top display.

Hand-made & Rare: Designed by visual artist Anthony Yap, each piece is made to order and individually 3D Printed before being hand finished and hand painted with care. Due to the production process and hand work involved each case is it’s own unique piece of art with small variations leaving no two deck cases exactly alike. Your deck case will be unique to you and yours only.

Inner Dimensions: 92.5mm x 65mm x 19mm (Suitable for Poker Sized Playing Cards)

Material: Eco Friendly PLA Plastic



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Steampunk Spell Book Card Case by Retro Rocketeers

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