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A beautiful optical illusion and unique display platform that adds a touch of mystery to any space. This art piece uses suspension and tension to create a unique optical illusion of a levitating platform ready to sit as it’s own art piece or as a display stand for that something special. This stand will only be available through limited runs so grab them while they’re available.

Hand-made & Rare: Designed by visual artist Anthony Yap, each piece is individually 3D Printed before being hand finished and hand painted with care. Due to the production process and hand work involved each piece is it’s own unique work of art with small variations leaving no two pieces exactly alike.

Dimensions: Length: 14cm | Width: 12cm | Height: 14cm

Platform Holding Capacity: 200g

Material: Eco Friendly PLA Bio-Plastic

Minor assembly required: To reduce shipping costs and product damage these stands are shipped flat packed. Upon receiving your stand simply follow the 2-step instructions to easily assemble your stand.



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