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This is a product from our Quality Used/Collectable Magic Department.

Spread is a custom designed poker deck (cards and box). It is meant to look like a deck of souvenir cards that you would find in any gift shop. 

On the face of each card is a different location in the world, these are some of the most visited travel destinations. 

Your spectators cut the cards and are then offered 2, 3 or 4 cards where they cut. 

They take these cards and choose just ONE, placing the others on the table, face down of course. 

You can now read the spectators mind and tell them the place that they are thinking of. 

BUT. That's not the kicker. 

When you spread the deck face down, their thought of place appears as a highly visual image (just watch the trailer to see how visual the reveal is!) 

Each deck has 4 reveals built in, depending on which way you spread the deck. 

The Statue of Liberty (New York), The Eiffel Tower (Paris), The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy) & Big Ben (London) 




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SPREAD by Gary Sumpter

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