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Something for Nothing by Angel Stagnaro

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"Something from Nothing" represents the first and only mentalism/magic title simultaneously printed in two languages (German and English.) The 1st edition of the German-version of this book was sold out in six-weeks. The book is currently on its second printing and the English-version is finally available. It is published by Manipulix Publishers of Lalling, Germany and has an excellent foreword by Germany's foremost mentalist, Ted Lesley.

"Something from Nothing" explores the topic of cold reading on a very practical level. The title was chosen to express the idea that the mentalist should be able to come on stage unaided and, with nothing in hand, simply read a spectator's mind.

Many topics are explored including: performance philosophy, precognition, telepathy, body language, voice inflection, developing one's intuitive sense, deductive reasoning, cultural anthropology, muscle reading, equivoque, casual observations, contact mind reading, medical observations, the skillful use of personal charm and psychology forces. The book also contains horoscopy and tarot cards notes.

"Something from Nothing" comes with a large glossary of mentalist terms, an extensive mentalism bibliography and a collection of cold reading one-liners.

This 148-page, hard covered text has already been praised by Europe's top mentalists. The book's dustcover was designed by Joseph Mein, one of New York's up incoming graphic artists.

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