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Slimline Billtube

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The Bill Tube, in one form, or another, has been on sale for so many years that it has become a classic piece of magic.

The magician borrows a bank note from one of his spectators. The note is placed under an handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold. The magician then removes a small, sealed tube from his pocket and hands it to a second spectator. 

The borrowed note then vanishes! Directing the audience's attention to the sealed tube, the magician allows the spectator who has been holding it to open the tube. Inside is found the borrowed note!

Our new Slimline Bill Tube eliminates the need for the traditional locking bar, padlock and keys. This makes the apparatus a lot less ‘bulky’ and, makes the tube much more acceptable and less ‘magic prop’ looking.

The New Slimline Bill Tube you received consists of a precision made brass tube with a screw-on lid. The lid has a very long screw thread and takes a long time to unscrew. The tube is so well made that even under the closest scrutiny it appears that nothing could be inserted in the tube without the lid first being removed. 

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