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This is a product from our Quality Used/Collectable Magic Department - In excellent condition and very rare to find in this condition!

Get the inside secrets on how to make “real money” in the real world of Psychic Fairs. The Sim Stone Manual comes complete with a set of Sim Stones, unlike Tarot or Runes, you will be an authority on Sim Stones – in no time at all!

Sim Stones have a very special secret indeed. Because they incorporate a built in memory system Sim Stones gives you the edge, you can give precise, accurate readings anytime, anywhere – even without the Sim Stones! How many Tarot decks or Rune sets can make that claim?

If you’re not impressed yet, how about a system that’s flexible enough to let you practice the difficult art of cold reading yet give you a firm base or script to get you back on track – if needed? Can you imagine a better system or product whether you are just starting out or already are an accomplished reader?

Sim Stones gives you the following advantages:

  • Built In Memory System
  • Easy To Learn
  • Allows For “Canned” or Free Form Readings
  • Unique, Giving You The Edge
  • Use The System Anytime – Anywhere
  • Even Use Without The Stones!
  • Use For Numerology Readings

Chapters in the book contain:

  • Principle Behind The Sim Stones
  • The Memory System
  • Clues
  • Body Language
  • Building Rapport
  • Positive Thinking
  • Rituals
  • Spreads
  • Business
  • Stationery
    And MUCH more….

Includes, Book, Stones (Never been used, still in sealed bag) and cards.

Whether you are new to cold reading and want to learn or an experienced reader, the Sim Stone Manual will add a beautiful, cunning and powerful edge to your readings.

In addition to being exquisitely crafted, they have the following benefits:

  1. •Built In Memory System
  2. •East To Learn
  3. •Allows For “Canned” Or Free Form Readings
  4. •Actually Learn to Cold Read by Using the System
  5. •Unique, Giving You The Edge
  6. •Use The System Anytime, Anywhere
  7. •Use The System Without The Stones!
  8. •Use For Numerology Readings!
  9. •Free “How to” Money Making Chapter

The free bonus chapter detailing how to go about making money at private house parties and psi fairs will have you up and running in no time!


Abracadabra: In past centuries, fortune tellers, soothsayers, magicians and witches were regarded with suspicion and often treated as charlatans. Many were executed by water (ducking) or fire (burnt at the stake). Today all are accepted under the banner of entertainment and the seaside and garden fete fortune tellers, psychic fairs and the like are all part of the human trait to explore the unknown.

In recent times, psychic fairs have taken off and become popular with the public, and this is where magicians and what they know can be put to use. So, in this connection I am going to slip in a “back door” review of a new idea recently marketed by author Brian Watson of Prophecy Publishing. Basically this is a means of giving character readings which allows the operator to decide how far to go between pure entertainment and serious excursion into psychic matters.

The author clearly suggests the former while at the same time directing the reader to what could be a quite lucrative occupation. Titled The Sim Stone Manual, it offers not only a quite exciting alternative to Rune stones or Tarot cards, but the system describes requires far less memory work, being based on a method known to most magicians. The manual, spiral bound, A5 with 70 pages, comes with 10 Sim Stones specially crafted in resin. Each stone bears a symbol, in a system I have never encountered previously and the stones are double sided.

The system is quite easy to learn and so designed that one cue triggers another. You will not learn it in 5 minutes, but given an hour or two of study and practice then a working pattern should start to emerge. Brian Watson takes the reader through the system, offering advice on readings, where, when and how to use the Sim Stones, how to work psychic fairs, clubs and shopping centres, what to charge – £10 – £15 per reading being the norm.

Leading American mentalist and writer Lee Earle, in his forward to the manual say’s, “Sim Stones offer a logical shortcut to success because the very design of these stones is predicated upon standard memory (mnemonic) techniques…. Read the book, learn the system and then invest your time and talent to start making money. It’s that simple.” This certainly is an exciting concept to learn and enjoy, whether for fun or profit. – Donald Bevan

Rune stones, tarot cards, palmistry etc. Character readings are all the rage these day’s. Many magicians already supplement their income by entertaining with them.
This book, which accompanied by ten double sided , two colour, rune like stones, teaches you everything you need to know and may well earn the purchaser a small (?) fortune. A simple memory system helps you QUICKLY learn the meanings of each symbol and weave the meanings of several into a full, entertaining reading. At psychic fairs there are always dozens of tarot readers, several palmists and the odd (some odder than others) rune readers BUT … YOU will be the ONLY Sim Stone reader in sight!
Recommended. – S Tucker

Wow! I was going to hold this back and launch it in a SYZYGY or MMM flyer’…but, well, it’s just too good to ‘sit on’!! It is quite simply a system for delivering character readings, but, before going on, l*d just like to quote from Lee Earle’s foreword: “Sim Stones…came as a pleasant surprise. There are various (other) systems, but Sim Stones offer a logical shortcut and put (you) on an ‘ express track to success… There are 3 Keys to Success: Time, Treasure and Talent. (This is) the key to unlock the door to a vault of treasure. Read the book, learn the system, and then invest your time and talent to start making, money. It’s that simple.” – Kaymar

Many people have wanted to give character readings but have been put off by the amount of time it takes to master palmistry, the Tarot, Rune Stones, Tea-leaves, or whatever. Main reason is that none of those systems was developed specifically for ease of use by the reader. Sim Stones were specifically created by Brian Watson to over come that problem – they’re easy to learn and they’re fun to use.

The booklet you receive is not only easy to read, but it is logical and there are additional chapters on the business Side, where to read, what fees to charge, etc. ‘You also get a full set of 10 double-sided Sim Stones in fine English pewter, plus a simple mnemonic system for remembering them and their meanings. In fact, to re-quote Lee Earle, “you have…the key to unlock the door to a vault of treasure”. Brian Watson’s hard work and time taken to create a reading method that works for him, means that you have here a complete package to lead you easily into the fan (or lucrative, if that’s what you want, world of character reading. – Morley Budd

Magic Circular: The Sim Stone Manual by Brian Watson. 70 Pages A5 comb bound. This is not conjuring but a new system for presenting character readings. A unique advantage it has over other types of readings, such as tarot or runes, is that it is very simple to learn the basics. The ten rune – like Sim Stones (supplied) from which the readings are made have a built in memory aid. The principle of the system is known to most magicians but Brian Watson explains it succinctly should you not have encountered it before.

It must be said, however, that although the basic method is simple putting it into practice will take time, study and practice on your part. The manual also provides you with the interpretations of each stone and how to link this and with the others, advice on observation, the approach to the subjects, fees, stationary, where and when to do readings and tips on further reading. At first sight it appears that you do not get much for your money – ten stones and a small booklet that does not contain a lot of words. But it is not the physical items that are important. The information and ideas imparted are the important things. And if you have any propensity or inclination to this type of work you can recoup the cost many times over.

As Lee Earle says in the forward to the manual “There are three keys to success: Time, Treasure, and Talent. You have in your hands the key to unlock the door to a vault of treasure. Read the book, learn the system and then invest your time and talent to start making money. It’s that simple”. – PETER ELDIN – The Magic Circular

I love them. You’re an evil genius. The concept behind them is brilliant and you should be immensely proud of what you have created. Plus they are just frakking gorgeous. The polished pewter, the weight, the color, the size, shape and style of the stones is very satisfying to my Magpie Mentality. And I’m not alone in that, as most people are just drawn to, or attracted to the glitter of the silver. There are quite a few times I have wished that I kept up the practice required to give a good psychic reading, I’ve forgotten so much. The Sim Stones and your manual are going to be a big help to me. – Donnie Buckley

The Sim Stones represent a major step forward in reading systems. The set of ten high quality pewter stones radiate the concept of “class.” The moment you pick them up, you will find that they look and feel like fine silver. The symbols are reminiscent of runes, but without some of the baggage that runic systems carry with them. There are ten of these stones, twenty symbols in all, which encourages their use with familiar layout patterns, such as the Celtic Cross.

There are many advantages of using the Sim Stones. For one thing, they will not wear out. If you are a very busy tarot reader, you may have to replace your cards on a monthly basis. Not so with the Sim Stones. Also, they represent a system that is different, so you don’t have to worry about the person who has purchased the Eden Grey book or the DeLaurence book disagreeing with your interpretation of the symbols. If you have done readings of any kind for any length of time, you know that the ill-informed spectator who has not drunk deep from the Pierian spring can ruin a reading for you by “correcting” your interpretation. That problem is eliminated when you use the Sim Stones.  It will take you a mere 20 minutes to learn the system, or, if you wish, you can use your own. – Bill Palmer

I just received Sim Stones and the Sim Stone Manual. I can honestly say that there is not a thing that I would change about either. I gave the manual a quick read. The book is so concise that a complete review would entail giving most of the “secrets” of the book. But, I would like to comment on the “Free Bonus Chapter.” There are things written here that took a lot of “just doing it” for me to first discover. If a person is just going in to doing readings professionally, these tips will prove very valuable.

The Stones themselves are very heavy. There are ten double sided stones.They are quality made items that should last a lifetime. Watson’s system, after learned, can be used with or without the stones. The stones, however, allow for some very interesting back stories. For me, magic items come and go. I think that the Sim Stones will be a keeper. – Parson Smith



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