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Shuffle-Bored by Simon Aronson

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Used book in great condition - for more details email

The magician cuts the deck in two and tells the spectator to take one half. The magician takes the other half. Then, both the magician and spectator shuffle their respective halves. Then, they lift some cards off of their packs, flip them face up, and trade. Again, the spectator and magician shuffle their packs (shuffling face up cards into face down cards). This trade/shuffle action is then repeated as many times as the spectator desires. Then, the magician shuffles both halves of the deck together. The spectator can then shuffle again if he wants. Next, the magician shows that the deck is composed of randomly face up and face down cards. Then, the magician pulls out a prediction sheet. It says, "There will be 21 face down cards." The magician or spectator goes through the deck, removing the face down cards. There are 21. Then, the magician unfolds the prediction sheet once, and it says, "There will be 10 red cards among those." The magician or spectator then goes through the face down cards, removing the red cards. There are 10. Next, the magician unfolds the prediction sheet again. It says, "The remaining cards will all be clubs." The magician or spectator then verifies that all of the remaining cards are clubs. They are all clubs... except for one: the Ace of Spades. The magician then unfolds the prediction sheet one last time, and it says, "Except for the Ace of Spades."

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