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Set in Stone by 3D Magic Works

Set in Stone by 3D Magic Works
Set in Stone by 3D Magic Works Set in Stone by 3D Magic Works Set in Stone by 3D Magic Works Set in Stone by 3D Magic Works
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"Moai", or sometimes referred as "Easter Island Heads", is the name of the stone statues found on Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Moai are believed by some to possess Magical or Spiritual powers. The performer presents four black marble looking stands, each one with a small drawer on the front, small prediction slot on top and a miniature Moai Statue positioned on top. The performer removes all four of the Moai statues and shows the bottom side of each to reveal a different color (Red, Green, Blue & Yellow) permanently adhered to the underside of each statue or "Set in Stone".

Next, the performer mixes up the statues, in his/her hands and on the table, so no one (not even the performer) can know which color is on the underside of which statues. The performer now asks the spectator to select one of the statues (no force). Once the statue is selected, the spectator is asked to select which stand he/she would like the selected statue to be placed on (no force). The selected statue is then placed on the selected stand. The same process is used until all of the statues are placed in the stands per spectator's choice.

At this point, the performer tells of the special powers that the Moai are believed to possess. The performer explains that he/she has made a prediction earlier. The prediction is secure within the drawer of the Moai stands. The performer opens the drawer of one of the stands. The drawer contains one small colored card. The performer removes the colored card, places it inside of the prediction stand on top of the stand. The performer then continues and does the same with the other three stands until all four prediction stands are holding a different colored card.

The performer explains that the powers of the Moai assisted him and, without the spectators knowledge, magically directed/instructed the spectator to place the Moai in the particular stands that the spectator chose. The performer tilts backward the first Moai statue to reveal the prediction color matches the color on the bottom of the statue. The performer then continues to do the same with the other three statues and that all of the predictions match the color on the bottom of the Moai statues. Truly a Moai Magical Miracle.
The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. The black sparkle pieces are printed with specialty filament created for a granite appearance. The gray & blue parts are printed with a specialty filament created for a marble appearance.
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