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(3 BLIND MICE by Ian Adair)
The perfect effect and routine for presentation in front of young children. Most, if not all children are familiar with the well-known nursery Rhyme ‘3 Blind Mice’. This effect is based on this nursery rhyme. The Farmer’s wife features, but, without the carving knife - it’s now 100% P.C. During the routine the performer asks the children to recite the rhyme, after him, which he says he has changed a little. “Three blind mice, three blind mice. See how they run, see how they run. The farmer’s wife chased them all over the house, and tied a knot in the tails of each mouse. Three blind mice”.
Four large illustrated cards are displayed. The card on the top of the set is a full coloured cartoon picture of the farmer’s wife, wearing a blue skirt and yellow apron. The back design of the card is shown. The performer tells the children that she was forever trying to catch the three mice who lived in the house, since they were always stealing the cheese from her kitchen cupboard.
The remaining three cards illustrate pictures of THREE cute blind mice, named Dinky, Pinky and Stinky ...oooops!,. “I mean Slinky” They were triplets!                                                                                                                                                                                  FULL AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION NOW COMES INTO ACTION .
The card illustrating the farmer’s wife is reversed, as too is one of the mouse cards. “The farmer’s wife is after the mice, the performer explains, which one of the two reversed cards do you think she appears, on?” All the children point to the ‘obvious’ card, but the performer mistakes their choice and reverses the other mouse card, which he discards. “Oh dear, you are all wrong let’s try again.” Another mouse card is reversed alongside the reversed farmer’s wife one. Again the performer asks the children to point to the card which bears the picture of the farmer’s wife, and again, he cheats by making out they pointed to the other. (The children soon make it clear that ‘their’ choices are being ignored.)This card is reversed to show it also bears the picture of a mouse. This leaves two cards - one displaying the last remaining mouse, the other (still reversed) must be the farmer’s wife. “Only two cards left. It’s now very easy to guess which one of the two cards has the picture of the farmer’s wife on it. ” The mouse card is placed aside, and the performer stares at the front of the reversed card. “You all think this must be the farmer’s wife, do you?” The performer asks. “No, no, it’s NOT the farmer’s wife...she’s nowhere to be seen. That’s why those three clever mice managed to find this BIG lump of cheese and nibble it up!” The illustrated picture on the last remaining card displays a very large lump of delicious cheese! - no sight of the farmer’s Wife, thank goodness!
ONLY FOUR CARDS USED THROUGHOUT! The set of Jumbo sized cards we supply are beautifully printed on ‘silk’ stock. Round cornered. No pocket cards. No Rough and Smooth principle used. Packs flat and is very easy to do. Comes complete with full instructions and suggested patter presentation.

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