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Used book in excellent condition - very rare copy - Hardback1st Edition 1989

This is a massive collection of Brother John’s best work. Rather than presenting separate sections for sleights and effects, this book shows you the necessary sleights as they are needed by a particular effect. Most of the effects in this book are simple but ingenious and some have been featured in other collections such as Michael Ammar’s Easy to Master Card Miracles series. For the most part, they do not require any difficult sleight of hand but this does not take away from their effectiveness. The book talks about not just how each effect works, but why it works. This is very important due to the psychological subtleties that Bro. John includes in most of his work. Even if you don’t use any of the effects in this book, a lot can be learned form the psychological theories presented, most notably those dealing with mental misdirection.

(Omar Domenech)


9 Introduction (by Gene DeVoe)
10 Foreword (by Bro. John Hamman)
11 Instant Double and Triple Turnover Technique: From a Deck, The Longitudinal Convex Bridge, From a Packet
15 Dead Man’s Hand: The Double-Deal Switch
18 Double-Deal Card to Pocket
20 The What and Where Tests: Double Lift from the Bottom of a Packet
24 The Two-Card Trick
26 1 2 3 4 5 Peek Thought
28 Deck in Parvo
31 Acey-Deucey
34 Bro. Hamman’s First Twist: Block Pushoff
38 Bro. Hamman’s Second Twist: The Undercut; Small-Packet Reverse Fan Display
41 Bro. Hamman’s Final Twist: The Hamman Ascanio Count, Flustration Count
44 Watch Me Like a Hawk: Undercount Variation
47 The Signed Card
51 Triple Cross
54 Kings Through the Table
57 Flight of Four
61 Sealed-Room Mystery
64 Thunderstruck
66 Peek Look Think
68 The Chinese Miracle: The Chinese Shuffle
71 Chinese Shuffle to Si Stebbins Stack
72 Three Guesses: J.K. Hartman’s Secret Subtraction
75 Opposite Pockets
77 Magic Box
79 Four-Pocket Mirror
81 The Disobedient Cards
84 The Final Shuffle
87 Two-Shuffles Harry
89 The Pesky Cards
93 The Twins: Gemini Count
97 The Pinochle Trick
99 The Magic Cards
101 The Jacks Come Back
103 The Knavish Deuces: Double Flustration Count
106 Revenge on the Pink Panthers
109 Kangaroo Card
114 Eight-Ball Queens
116 New Hue: The Two-as-Four Count
118 The Lollapalooza Hand: The Lollapalooza Switch
121 False Witness: Arthur Findley’s Tent Vanish
124 Pickpocket
127 The Doppelganger Card
129 The Multiplying Kings
134 Thought Cards Across
136 Billy the Kid
138 Stun-Sational
141 Micro-Macro
145 Micro-Macro (with regular cards)
150 The Invisible Card: The Countback
153 Houdini Escapes: The Braue Reverse
155 Seeing with the Fingertips
157 Devilish Miracle Retold: Countback Variation No. 1
160 The Transparent Cards: Countback Variation No. 2
163 The Adventure of the Spotted Seven: Larreverse
168 The Skipping Jacks: Countback Variation No. 3
171 Flash Poker: The Flash Change
175 Spectator Outdeals Magician…Almost
177 Magician Versus Gambler
180 The Poker Palm Shift: Countback Variation No. 4
183 Up the Down Sleeve
185 Go Fish: The Rolling Control
189 Blind Chance
191 Cream Rises to the Top
195 The Axes and the Jaces
200 The Underground Transposition: The Veeser Concept
202 Phoenix Four
204 The Homing Card: The Wild-Card Move
208 Out of Print
209 Universal Card
213 The Mystic Nine: The Hamman Count
216 The Faked Deck
216 Four-Tunate Choice: Carlyle’s Turnover Move
218 Haldeucination
220 The Amorphous Ace
222 Wild all the Way
229 Final Aces
234 The Marx Brothers: The Swivel Switch
238 Ladies Man
240 Mixed-Up Mates: Small-Packet Double Deal Turnover
243 Five Kings Royal: Small-Packet Double Deal Turnover
245 The Old Classic
250 Fan-To-See

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Greenberg
  • Pages: 252
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Edited by: Matthew Field, Mark Phillips, Jane Mansour, Richard Kaufman
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1989
  • Binding: hardbound


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Secrets of Brother John Hamman by Richard Kaufman

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