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This is a product from our Quality Used/Collectable Magic Department - In excellent condition and includes gimmicked coin and regular 1/2 Dollars (not normally supplied)

Ring Box author Bill Cheung, won the FSIM European magic championship, the European card championship, more known as the extraordinary magician of the world.Ring Box integrates the features of Okito Box and Boston Box, and is upgraded to a lidless and bottomless design, adding hidden gimmick.

The effect is direct, pure and visual. Can perform many wonderful procedures. Made of brass, it has excellent texture and is suitable for holding in hand.

No lighting requirements, no magnet, no shell, can be used in close combat.

The author zhang yu personally explains, the extremely long Chinese detailed teaching.

Product includes: full set of props  (including coins) + Instruction Video Instant Downloads

NOTE:  you need to perform with a black mat (not supplied)



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Ring Box by Bill Cheung

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