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Retro Rocketeers

Anthony Yap is an Australian artist with a passion for visual oddities, magical history and the esoteric arts. 

The Magic of Modern Tech – Blending the old with the new

For Anthony the virtual world of 3D Sculpting has been his medium of choice for over 2 decades and remained mostly contained to the virtual world until the rise of 3D Printing and additive manufacturing. Here Anthony saw an opportunity to rapidly take concepts and almost like magic to see those creations manifest over night into reality. While a big step in the right direction simply 3D printing a design still wasn’t enough, the result still felt unfinished and looked like a toy. Instead a process and style was developed that uses 3D Printing as a base to start from with all of the pieces then undergoing a long process of hand finishing, assembly and hand painting to bring further depth and feeling to the magical creation. Through this process of mixing modern technology and hand crafting a unique characteristic is given to each of the items sometimes making the final piece feel as if it was just dug from an ancient tomb or discovered in the archives of some long lost traveling showman. 

Due to the hand crafted nature of each of the pieces Anthony and his team can only produce a limited number of items each year with majority of the pieces going to collectors and enthusiasts from around the world.