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The magician fans out four cards, the faces of each card is shown, each card is printed with the image of a bright RED lorry. The cards are given a shake and are shown again. The cards all now have bright YELLOW lorries on them! Two cards are given to the spectator to hold. The magician shows his cards, one has a RED lorry, the other has a YELLOW lorry. He asks the spectator to try to recite the well known tongue twister, RED LORRY, YELLOW LORRY etc. It sound like they are saying lolly instead of lorry. Imagine their surprise when the magician shows that his cards do now indeed depict one red LOLLY AND ONE YELLOW lolly! But wait, what about the spectators cards? They are seen to be LOLLIES too!!...



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Red Lorry Yellow Lolly by Tony Gardner

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