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NEW VERSION WITH ADDED FEATURES NOT FOUND IN THE KNOCK-OFF VERSIONS! This is the original Lippencott/Martin version of the Lippencott Box, as made by Haenchen for Harold Martin with new magnetic feature.

A borrowed and marked coin (a ring may also be used) vanishes only to appear in a small padlocked box all while in full view.

A spectator marks a borrowed quarter for identification. This is placed within the folds of a handkerchief and held by spectator. Next, a small-padlocked chest (2x2x1) is shown and placed on the spectator's open palm. A magical pass and the hank is whisked away revealing that the coin has vanished. Attention is drawn to the chest, which has been under the spectator's control throughout. He opens the chest himself and finds the marked coin inside!

Remember: The chest is in full view before the coin vanishes. The coin found in the chest is the actual marked coin.


1. Both boxes are now slightly larger to accommodate US Silver Dollar sized coins.

2. (Magnetic version): We have added a hidden magnet to the base for some really great transpositions and penetration effects. All you need is a steel core coin which we can supply.

3. New, updated instructions with various routines.

Size: 2 1/16" x 2 1/16" x 1 9/32" outside measurements. Inside: 1 19/32" x 1 19/32" x 13/16" deep.

Chest made of select hardwoods with brass hardware and lock. Finest Viking quality.



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