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The PSI BLOCK (MINI) is here! An impossible display of telekinetic power now right in your back pocket!

Display clearly to your spectator an innocent yet mystical looking block that can be stood upright on the table by itself. The block is seen to be standing still while you make a magical gesture towards the block, suddenly the block moves by itself and falls over as if pushed by some unseen force! Instantly repeatable, a pint glass can even be placed over the block, or the magician can take several steps back to prove no strings or magnets are involved.

Plays simple yet hits big, this piece captures the imagination of all audiences. From children testing out their Jedi powers or looking to prove the existence of pixies, to adults proving the existence of haunted spirts or jokingly performing an impossible bar bet.

Completely self contained, self standing, no extra gimmicks required. Extremely easy to perform.

Video Instructions: Comes with a video/password link to an 18 minute video tutorial walking you through how to use the PSI BLOCK (Mini) along with routine ideas such as,

  • Classic Telekinetic Mind Power
  • The Haunted Block
  • The Bar Bet
  • Jedi Power Tester
  • Pixie Detector

Hand-made: Designed by visual artist Anthony Yap, each piece is hand finished and hand painted with care. Due to the production process and hand work involved each block is it’s own unique piece of art with small variations leaving no two blocks exactly alike.

Dimensions: 6.5cm x 2.3cm x 2.3cm
Material: Eco Friendly PLA  Bio-Plastic



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