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A mysterious rectangular block is stood firmly on end, only for it to mysteriously come crashing down seemingly pushed over by some unseen force. Was that a display of mental power? A sign from a spirit?

More of a utility prop then any one trick in itself this is not your average haunted block. The PSI Block can be stood directly upright by itself and displays different colored plaques on either side. An extra convincer can be played on the spectator by having them first think of one of the colors, you then stand up the block and step back from it, now ask the spectator what color they chose, as you reach out the spectator then watches as the block mysteriously falls over and lands on their chosen color!

Extremely easy to perform, no magnets, no threads, no electrics, self-contained, and can be performed from a distance.

Customize your PSI Block! – This set comes with a selection of 4 different center plaques so you can customize your PSI Block to suit your style of routine.

Greek Lettering Set: The original plaques designed for this set. They give the PSI block a lost ancient tech vibe.

RIP Lettering Set: Perfect for haunted block routines.

H/H Set: Feel like calling on the spirit of Harry Houdini to show you a sign of the paranormal?

Red/Blacks (Hearts/Diamonds & Spades/Clubs): For use with card routines.

Can be performed with or without the spectators choice convincer. Could just as easily play as a haunted block, or purely as a display of telekinesis without spectator involvement. There are countless routines you could develop around the PSI Block with the different plaques provided.

Great for online performances: Show the block clearly to the audience, stand it up and cover it over with a glass vase to prove you can’t blow on it or use threads, then moments later the block lands on the spectators chosen color.

Handmade and hand painted: Each of these sets is produced with care and in limited series. A collectors signed certificate of authenticity is included with each set.

The PSI Block measures:  Approx. 14.5 High x 5cm Wide x 3cm Thick.

Video Tutorial Link Included: A link and password to a video tutorial is included along with your items. This video features the designer Anthony Yap walking you through the method, finer points of handling, examination, and the extra convincer of the spectator seeing the PSI block land on their chosen color.



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