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"I've now changed the name to the Magicians Friend because that's what it is.

One deck of cards that you can perform multiple effects with. The download presented by Mark Traversoni of Saturn Magic is consise and clearly explained. If you want to perform miracles With just a deck of cards then I suggest you buy One Deck. Highly recommended." Harry Robson

Magicians use lots of different decks, wouldn’t it be great if all you needed was One Deck!?

Creator Mirrah Miraculous has combined the effects of several existing decks into ONE, including Svengali, Brainwave, Mental Photography, Colour Changing, One Way, Two Way and Three Way Forcing Decks.

One Deck. Many possibilities. Here’s what it can do:

The deck can be Red or Blue at the start

Force up to 3 cards

Do an Ambitious Card Routine where their chosen card jumps to the top of the deck, or the top of any pile you cut

Colour change a Blue Deck into a Red Deck (and vice versa)

Have their selected card the only Blue Back in a Red Reck

Have their selected card the only Normal Face in a Blank Deck

Change a Blue Backed Blank Face Deck into a Red Backed Normal Face deck
 & More... ALL these effects are really easy to perform and can be done as individual phases or as part of a mind-blowing routine where the deck keeps changing in front of your spectators eyes.

The ONE Deck is guaranteed to make you look like a Pro without any sleight of hand required with the deck doing all the work for you.

Special deck with custom printing (supplied in a random box colour and card values) and online tutorial included.




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ONE DECK by Mirrah Miraculous

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