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A two-card transposition unlike anything you have EVER seen before!

The performer introduces a very unusual prediction: a color photograph of the Four of Diamonds nailed to a wooden table. The magician insists that, "in a moment -when you freely select a card- it will in fact be the card in the photo." The spectator is asked to hold onto the photo, but when she selects a card it is found to be the King of Clubs, NOT the card in the photo. To right matters, the miracle-worker does the truly impossible by causing the King of Clubs to change places with the Four of Diamonds INSIDE THE PHOTO! And get this- everything can be immediately EXAMINED! (Can you say, "Freakfest?")

Angle-proof, resets in a second and super easy to do! And you can perform this effect with almost ANY poker or bridge sized cards. Bicycle, Tally-Ho, Aviator, Bee, you name it! Whatever cards you like to perform with, the extremely clever gimmicks do all the work for you.

"No trick is that perfect," right? WRONG! Nailed is the perfect trick!

Includes super-cool gimmicks and an amazing 50-minute instructional dvd with Jay personally teaching you all the nitty gritty details featuring: The Complete Presentation, Jay's Favorite Handling, Several Card Forces, A Variety of Revelations, The White Sticker Handling and the double-climax Two Card Handling!

Add this reputation-maker to your own repertoire TODAY!

Comes with a regular Bicycle deck, not normally supplied.

"It is one of only two tricks I have which makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck when seeing the reactions I get when it is done. I love magic like this, with people simply unable to fathom what I actually did right before their eyes, never mind trying to work out how it was possible!" - Stephen Bates

"You would be hard pressed to find a more powerful two-card transposition. Jay's approach fleshes out the typically flat plot into a fully realized performance piece." - David Acer

"Nailed is awesome! Thanks for releasing it. There is a strange satisfaction being accused of being the devil." - Joe W.

"Nailed is the STRONGEST effect I have ever performed. It gets the best reactions! If there was only one effect I could do, Nailed would be it! Keep up the astonishing work!" - Sean M.

"I saw Jay perform NAILED at a lecture last year and I just HAD to have one! Waaaay too commerical!" - Elliott N.

"NAILED was definitely the hit of the lecture! It was the one trick everyone wanted to buy." - Steve G.




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Nailed (with DVD) by Jay Sankey

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