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Used book in excellent condition - Hardback with Dust Jacket 1st Edition 1998

If you are one of those who hasn't yet discovered the
ingenious, almost diabolic, manner in which Richard Mark
approaches his craft, then you are in for a surprise.


You show a sealed envelope (from the "Fantasy House Clearing
Sweepstakes") which remains in full view. An audience
participant freely selects and names aloud a celebrity and
three sweepstakes prizes. He is given the envelope - no
switches - to open and read the contents. The letter inside
announces, in typical advertising 'hype', that the
participant is a finalist in the sweepstakes and that the
celebrity named will present one of three prizes - the very
same prizes selected by the participant!

You tear a page from the daily newspaper into dozens of
pieces. A participant indicates which of the pieces is to be
used, takes that piece, and points to a word on it. He opens
an envelope, in view before he selected his piece of
newspaper, and reads the letter inside which perfectly
predicts the selected word!

Secret celebrity identities are assumed by three audience
participants. While your back is turned, each helper freely
selects, from a box containing a large assortment of plush
stuffed animals and gag gifts, a present for himself and
conceals it in a paper bag. Without asking a single
question, you can name not only the celebrity personality
assumed by each helper but also each particular gift chosen!

These routines (and many more) are revealed in this volume.
Many of these impressive and creative presentations have
previously been available only to Mentalism insiders, who
often paid more than this book's price for a single routing!



7 Introduction

13 Chapter One
15 The Key Warper
18 Personal ESP Process
21 Mental Credit
23 Which Water, Water Witch
26 Psychometric Affinity

29 Chapter Two
32 Mindbending Magic
34 Symbolysis
37 Wanted
39 Sealed Prophecy
44 Circled Book Test
47 By The Book
50 Mental Methods
55 Mental Method Update

59 Chapter Three
60 Prediction Plus Deck
63 Stop The Press
66 Coin-Cidence Medallion
68 You Are The Winner!

73 Chapter Four
75 Fogel’s Last Chance
77 The “Truth Or Consequences" Variation
79 Muscle Reading Pseudo And Subtle
81 Cellular Telepathy
84 Destiny
87 Remote With A View
90 Nail It
92 Nail it Down

95 Chapter Five
97 Psychic Entertainment and Communication Channels
99 Image of Coincidence
102 Key-R-Rect Seance Routine
105 You Do Voo Doo
108 Sympathetic Synchronicity

113 Chapter Six
114 Premonition Supreme I
116 Premonition Supreme II
117 Come to the Cabaret
118 Affix

121 Chapter Seven
122 Globe Trotter
124 Rat What, Clam Face?
126 Bag It
128 Book It
130 Shopping Spree Of The Rich And Famous
134 Mental Sensation 1984
141 Mental Epic Redux
144 Psychic Hypnosis
146 Peek a Book Plus
148 The Real Secret:

153 Chapter Eight


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Mind Warp by Richard Mark

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