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The performer displays a beautiful wooden cabinet on all sides and removes the front cover showing it to be completely empty. He then places a ring onto the floor of the cabinet and replaces the cover. A brass sword is then shown to be perfectly solid and inserted through the slots on the sides of the cabinet allowing both ends to remain in full view. Now, the performer snaps his fingers and immediately pulls the sword through the top of the cabinet revealing that the ring is now magically hanging on the brass sword! It is a stunning and inexplicable effect!

Please do not confuse this with the classic Kenard’s Mystery Box or any other similar effects we have previously produced. The mechanical method of this latest version has been cleverly re-designed and is absolutely diabolical in operation and is practically self-working!

The cabinet only, without the front cover in place, measures approximately 11.8cms wide, 10.2cms high and 10.2cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.
The beautiful silver ring as shown is also included, however; the effect can also be performed with any normal ring providing it is about the same size and style of the one supplied.



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Meridian Ring Cabinet by Magic Wagon

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