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This fun multi-step routine instantly feels like a classic with it’s roots inspired by the classic saw-a-lady-in-half style routine. You introduce a beautiful Mayan pyramid (reminiscent of the Mayan Chichen Itza pyramid located in Mexico) that has a long solid rod sitting on top. The rod can be inspected as solid. It is then placed back on the top of the pyramid where it is covered over with an ornately designed expanding cover. The cover has a motif of a soaring eagle engraved on it and is shown to either expand to cover the rod, or compress so that each end of the rod can be viewed, similar to an assistance head and feet poking out from a saw-in-half box.  Placing the cover on top it is extended and this time 2 knives placed on either end of the cover as the magicians starts to push the pieces back together… suddenly the cover is pushed too far becoming smaller than the original rod?! With a puzzled look the magician uncovers the rod to reveal the rod has indeed been fused back together but has now been squished into a shorter stubbier rod. The magician now says they will attempt to fix it, by simply placing the cover back over the rod and extending the cover out once more as if to stretch the rod back to size. Instantly the cover is removed to now show the rod has been stretched back to it’s original length in one solid piece. The rod can then be handed back out if wanted.



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Mayan Rod of Resurrection by Retro Rocketeers

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