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LECTURE - Merlins Magic Shop WF1 1QE - WED 9th May 7.00pm for 7.15pm
Merlins Magic Club are hosting a Magic Lecture by the one and only - Andrew Hill.

Andrew is 43 years old, comes from Barnsley, but now lives in Bingley, West Yorkshire. He has a wife, 2 kids (+ associated pet hamster), a mortgage, little hair, is overweight, yada yada). He classes himself as an avid magic hobbiest, who every so often gets the chance to try out his “schtick” at a variety of venues from large theatres to table hopping venues big and small.

He fell in love with magic (like most of us) after getting a magic set as a kid for Christmas. “It was all Paul Daniels stuff and I remember getting separate tricks such the "Genie in the Bottle" (lost the rubber ball within days), “Coin Though Glass” (with rattley gimmicked blue plastic drinks mat), "Magic Wonder Blocks", "Clairvoyant Dice" (always remember the big red spot they had for “one”), and “The All Seeing Eye”, (which was some canister within canister dice reading shenanigans).”

A year or two later, he got the Paul Daniels Trick Wallet with 10 EXCLUSIVE CARD TRICKS! (Ooooooo!) and it was there that his love of card magic began.

Into the mid to late 1990s, Andrew (and his bank account) discovered Merlin’s (in Wakefield market at that point) and, through becoming friends with Mark and Phil, joined Barnsley Magic Club and subsequently Merlin’s Magic Club.

“When it comes to magic, I just try to have fun. I look to perform tricks that I enjoy as much as (hopefully) the audience does. I wouldn't say I'm a fantastically skilled, knuckle busting move-monkey and equally I’m not a magic “creator” (I firmly stand on the shoulders of other far more creative and clever individuals when it comes to that), but I am someone who appreciates clever thinking, tries to read a wide range of magic literature and cherry pick ideas and principles from as many sources as possible (some less mainstream) and perhaps combine them to hopefully improve, make more deceptive or simplify the handling of effects that I’ve learnt."

This is a one off Lecture which will sell out very quickly. Take this chance to learn from someone who has spent a lifetime finding the best magic from books you can get!

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Magic Lecture - Andrew Hill - Wed 9th may 2018

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