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Kidology Flood Specials

Auto Dove to Silk by Tora
T1055 Auto Dove to Silk. The method is almost as amazing as the effect.
£125.00 £165.00
Dice Transference by Tora
T3001 Dice Transference by Tora
£75.00 £150.00
Dove in Balloon Cage
T1013 Dove in Balloon Cage
£125.00 £200.00
Drawer Box by Tora
T1010 Holed Drawer Box
£70.00 £99.00
Flower Maker Tube by Tora
T1828 Flower Making Tube by Tora
£200.00 £275.00
Flying Carpet by Tenyo T251 (2012)
Flying Carpet by Tenyo T251 (2012)
Glass Pyramid by Tora Magic
T1065 This item is incredible, totally mechanical in operation, Folds down so it can be easily transported
£150.00 £300.00
Multi Coloured Linking Rope Rings
A great version of Linking Rings using ropes.
£15.00 £20.00
Production Sleeve Bouquet
The classic bouquet production.
£40.00 £65.00
Special Vanishing Die by Tora
T1052 Super Vanishing Die by Tora
£195.00 £245.00
Square Circle Production Box
£85.00 £110.00
Sucker Sliding Clock Box (Die Box) by Tora Magic
Transfer of Clocks by Tora Magic
£200.00 £245.00
The Necklace Frame
The Necklace Frame
£45.00 £55.00