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A modern re-imagining of an old Japanese classic, this hand-made Key through Coin key chain gives you a classically beautiful effect ready to perform at a moments notice while also being a stylish addition to any set of keys.

– Use your own or borrowed key
– Use your own or borrowed coin
– Available for use with 10p UK coin

Hand-made & Rare: Designed by visual artist Anthony Yap, each piece is made to order and individually 3D Printed before being hand finished and hand painted with care. Due to the production process and hand work involved each key chain is it’s own unique piece of art with small variations leaving no two key chains exactly alike. Your key chain will be unique to you and yours only.

Video Instructions: A secured link and password will be provided along with your product giving you access to a video tutorial of this effect. The explanation along with helpful tips on performance subtleties are all provided in the video tutorial.

Production time: Please allow at least 1 week for your product to be hand made on demand specially for you. You will be notified as soon as your product has been shipped the following week. If you choose registered post then you will also be notified with your tracking information along with the confirmation of shipping.

*key and coin not included (use your own set of keys and coin for a greater effect)



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