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This hauntingly mysterious effect is as genius as it is baffling. Based off the original Spirit Dice by the amazing Magiro and Eckhard Boettcher, the Jumbo Spirit Dice uses a larger more visual 25mm dice along with being made of luxurious Jarrah Eucalyptus hard wood and given a haunted relic aesthetic. No magnets or electronics are used just a devilishly clever method.

The spectator is asked to pick a number between 1 and 6 or roll a random dice. The choice is a 100% a free choice. Once the spectator has chosen a number the performer gestures to a container that has been sitting untouched and off to the side of the table. The performer carefully introduces the container showing it fairly as it’s slowly opened up. As the spectator looks into the container they see impossibly a dice sitting inside with their selection showing face up!

This piece can be used as a haunted effect where the dice is said to mysteriously move because of spirits close by. It can also be used as a mentalism effect where the performer is seen to place a dice into the container as a prediction. The container is set aside and the spectator asked to choose a number. The container is then reintroduced to show your prediction matches their free selection perfectly, every time.

Assembled piece measures approx. 8.5cm Wide x 5.5cm high

Video Tutorial Link Included: A link and password to a video tutorial is included along with your items. This video features Anthony Yap walking you through the method, explanation, and some helpful tips on learning this effect.

Material: Australian Jarrah Eucalyptus & Eco Friendly PLA Bio-Plastic.



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Jumbo Spirit Dice by Retro Rocketeers

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