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This is a product from our Quality Used/Collectable Magic Department - In excellent condition, looks like its never been used.

INVISIBELT is a high-quality product that allows you to produce any kind of bottle or even a full glass! You can load the bottle into the gimmick in 3 seconds and use it in any situation – stage, parlour or close-up.

INVISIBELT allows you:
• produce not only one but two bottles
• produce a glass of beer or a full champagne glass
• in some cases to open your jacket BEFORE the production without anything to be seen

Perfect for opener, closer, or stand-alone: with Invisibelt you are guaranteed to capture the full attention of the audience!
Did we mention that AFTER ANY ROUTINE you end up TOTALLY CLEAN?
Invisibelt’s ingenious design allows you to focus fully on the audience.

INVISIBELT offers you:
• a durable gimmick for professional use
• hand-crafted in high-quality leather
• extremely comfortable – you can wear Invisibelt all day and not even know it's there
• easy to use
• a versatile tool for a magician

Invisibelt has been in professional use by Marcus Alexander for years and is the result of a long development process. Invisibelt comes with a set of instructional videos where Marcus teaches you step by step how to use the gimmick, gives you the best tips and ideas, and teaches a few complete routines!

This is a GREAT magic tool! Now the only question is, which kind d you want? We offer the belt in both brown and black, and in medium and large. Follow the visual guide above when choosing the belt size.


"What I hate most about that you often think that you forgot to bring it to your gig. It feels 100% like an ordinary leatherbelt. Invisibelt is the sum of the best bottle productions on the market. It’s an extremely flexible and stable assistant that delivers glasses and bottles exactly where and when you need them." - René Jensen

"This is visual magic as its best! Very practical and high-quality product."
 - Simo Aalto (FISM World Champion 2000)

"It's ingenious and practical: It will keep you and your audience hydrated... and your pants up too!" - Christian Engblom




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INVISIBELT - Marcus Alexander Medium Black

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