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Imperial Coin Mystery by Mark Lee

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The magician exhibits a slim wooden case to the audience, the case is open on one edge and has a hole running right through its centre. Through this hole is threaded a satin ribbon. The magician tips the open end of the case downwards and an ancient Chinese coin comes into view, the coin does not fall fully from the case due to the ribbon passing through the case, and therefore, through the coin. The magician pulls the coin fully out from the case and the ribbon can clearly be seen passing right through the hole in the coin. The coin and ribbon is now fully removed from the case and then the coin is removed from the ribbon. The coin is handed to a spectator and the ribbon is threaded back through the case. The coin is taken back from the spectator and is placed back into the case. The coin does not fall fully into the case due to the ribbon, and remains in view at the top edge of the case. The magician now taps the coin and it falls fully into the case, immediately, the case is tipped and the coin comes into view, and when removed from the case is seen to be fully threaded on the ribbon once again! The coin has magically penetrated onto the ribbon.

This is a Merlins Premier Range Limited Edition - each one is numbered and limited.

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