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How to do Magic Tricks by Nicholas Einhorn

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Magic is universally recognized as a wonderful form of entertainment, both as a hobby and a professional art form. This book reveals the secrets of a wide range of tricks and explains how to achieve a polished performance, with tips and advice on planning, patter, diversion, movements, rehearsing, and creating your own performance style. The book opens with an introduction to the most important events and names in magic's rich history, including comedy and close-up magicians, illusionists and television magicians. Then the heart of the book is the detailed revelation of 120 tricks, under the seven major magic categories: Card Magic: The scope for performing tricks with cards is enormous. This chapter explains how to grip, shuffle and control cards, how to force cards, do self-working tricks and perform advanced card flourishes. Dinner Table Magic: Items found on the dinner table can be used to entertain and amaze your guests. The tricks in this chapter focus on glasses, napkins, cutlery, straws, cups and sugar cubes. Match Magic: The shape and size of matches make them ideal for creating optical illusions and simple magic tricks.
With a box of matches in your pocket, you can perform an entire magic show. String, Cord and Rope Magic: The cut and restored rope effect is a staple of the magician's repertoire. This chapter shows how to do this and other illusions such as making a knot disappear at will. Mind Magic: Your audiences will believe that you have psychic powers with the routines in this chapter. There are many ways of creating the impression of mind-reading and thought transference. Silk, Thimble and Paper Magic: Magic tricks using handkerchiefs and small objects have always been popular. This chapter shows how to do a variety of sleights of hand with these everyday props. Money Magic: Everyone enjoys watching money appear out of thin air. Once you have learnt basic techniques such as palming and vanishing, there are many tricks to perform with both coins and banknotes. With all these incredible magic tricks and more than 1,100 step-by-step colour photographs, this book will enable you to amaze your friends and family.

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