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Houdini Coin Escape

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This is a great effect. You show three coins, two silver ones, one copper, and a shoelace. The three coins all have a small hole in the centre. You take the shoelace, and tie a couple of knots at one end, big enough so that the coins will not pass over them. You then slide one of the silver coins on the shoelace, and push it down to the bottom where the knot is. Now, holding the shoelace at the opposite end to the knot, you now thread the copper coin, and the other silver coin on. The copper coin is now sandwiched between the two silver coins. You give the shoelace to the spectator to hold, and simply run your hands down over the coins. Instantly, the copper coin is now free from the shoelace, and the two silver coins can be seen to be still in place. Everything can now be examined

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