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This is a product from our Quality Used/Collectable Magic Department.

This one is a golden oldie produced by Roy Roth and his R.A.R magic in leather.

Fun, commercial magic and a great collectable too.

A playing card is chosen and the spectator asked to remember it before returning it to the pack. The performer shuffles the pack and attempts to find the chosen card. Removing one card and showing it to the spectator, the performer asks if this is correct. Unfortunately, it is not, however, the spectator does admit that it is close. (Eg. The chosen card is the Three of Spades and the card held by the performer is the Four of Spades). Placing the card into his wallet, the performer asks the spectator to hold the wallet and shake it. Suddenly there is a loud explosion from inside the wallet!

When the wallet opened, the card has a hole through one of the spades leaving only three intact – making the Four of Spades into the Three of Spades The exploding feature inside the wallet uses standard sized children’s exploding caps used in many children’s toy guns and need to be purchased separately. 

We supply the special leather wallet, deck and the original instructions.




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HOLE IN ONE by Roy Roth (R.A.R.)

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