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Great Illusions of Magic Text and Plans by Byron G Wels

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This rare set of books are in excellent condition - for any queries email

You get TWO big volumes, a 320 page book of text, full of specifications, building tips, historical information. The other is a book of professional draftsman's plans with fully detailed and dimensioned drawings.

A must for anyone wishing to build their own stage illusions.

The Lester Lake Guillotine
Substitution Trunk
Larsen's Vanish of a Caged Parrot
The Asrah Levitation
The Mummy Case
The Devil's Torture Chamber
Larsen's Girl Without a Middle
The Famous Barrel Escape
Walking Through a Ribbon
The Triangle Illusion
The Spider Girl Illusion
Eclipse Vanishing Lamp
The Sword Box
A,B Improved Sawing a Lady in Two
Confusion in the Ark
Two Trays, Twelve Glasses of Beer
Improved Shang-Hi Dove Production
Jack Gwynne's Box, Tray, and Screen
Spook Room
The Zenith Water Fountain Act
The Birds Fly Home
Dynamic Dove Vanish
Triple Escape Mystery
The Spirit Screen
Fire and Water Illusion
A,B Stroubeika Escape
Jack-O-Lantern Girl
The Mystery of Three
The Artist's Dream
The Buzz Saw
The Elastic Lady
The Decapitated Princess
The Phantom Cage
The Birth of Chloris
The Brooks Trunk
Rip Van Winkle
Houdini Pillory Escape
The Pillars of Fear
Altar of Fate
Temple of Buddha
A,B Hades' Card Frame
Alexander's Materialization
Micky Hades' "Run Rabbit Run"
Improved "Aga" Levitation
Boxes of Buddha
Murder in the Telephone Booth
Micky Hades' "Inimi-Table"
In Again-Out Again
New Burning Alive Illusion
Waller's Screen of Life
Packing Box Escape
Flash Appearance
The Doll's House
Strange Disappearance
Where Is the Lady?
Improved Noah's Ark
The Phantom Aviary
The Famous Spike Mystery
The Cross Escape
Seeing Through a Man
Flight of the Rodent
Girl In the Drum
The Chest of Chu-Chin-Chow
The Broom Suspension
The Enchanted Tent
Fireplace Illusion
A Tent in the Desert
The Boxes of Choy Fong
The Improved Vampire Illusion
Living Half Lady
The Scimitars of Baghdad
The Ghost Chest
Spirit Pictures
Drop Model Production Cabinet
The Mysterio Cabinet
The Monster Guillotine
The Costume Trunk
The Glass-Lined Trunk
From Bombay to London
The Vanishing Lady and Trunk
Morritt Cage Illusion
Startling Vanish of a Girl in Mid-Air
Where Does the Head Go?
Boy to Rabbit
The New Flyto Illusion
Lady From the Light
The Mignon
Mysterious Duck Production
Multum in Parvo
Germain Flower Growth
The Egyptian Talking Vase
The Substitution Trunk
The Cannon (and Crystal Box)
The Princess of Thebes
The Haunted Cabinet and Blocks of Quong-Hi
The Hong Kong Mystery Pigeon Pro
The Boudoir of a Dancing Girl
Ghost Show Illusion
The Goddess and Reptile
The Dream of a Coolie
The Crystal Box
Okito's Floating Silver Sphere
A,B Thin Model Sawing a Woman in Half

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