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Glenn Gravatt’s Treasure Trove of Tricks

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Contents include:

7 Introduction

9 Chapter One – Silks And Ropes
9 The Jumping Silks: red and white silks transpose on red & white ropes
14 Silk On Rope: silk becomes magically tied on a rope
16 Knot Blowing: silks become tied when blown through a clear tube
18 Flying Rings and Silks: ring jumps from red to green silk
20 Pulling Your Leg: rope passes through leg
21 Cigarette To Silk: lighted cigarette to silk
23 Linked Twentieth Century: red and green silks tied in a loop add a white silk to the loop
25 Visible Handkerchief Pull: handkerchief vanish using a clever pull
27 Flying Colors: tied red, white, and blue silks change order, then change where they are tied, and then separate
31-37 Diagrams: for the above effects

38 Chapter Two – Tricks With Rings
38 Phantom Ring and Shoelace: a finger ring jumps onto a shoelace
42 Ring Escape From Shoelace: a borrowed finger ring is pulled off a shoelace
43 Fasten-ating Ring: borrowed finger ring jumps from white lace to black lace
46 The Marvelous Magic Book: ring becomes knotted on a string through a book
50 Escape Through The Wall: ring moves from yellow side of wall to red side
55 Three Ring Mystery: spectator threads two red and one white ring on a string, and magician changes their position
59 Captive Ring: selected ring is removed from sting
63 Ring, Rope and Box: a ring threaded on a rope inside a box is removed
64 Witch Doctor’s Necklace No 2: a ring is placed on a rope between two other rings
66 Visible Wrap Around Penetration: ring release from string
68-69 Diagrams: for the above effects

79 Chapter Three – Mental Effects
79 Six Cup Monte: magician determines in which cup a paper wad is located
82 Arithmetic By ESP: performer determines total of selected numbers
87 Crystal Clear ESP: two spectators arrange ESP cards in same order
91 Getting The Word: performer determines word selected from cards
93 Color Scheme: performer determines which color card will be chosen
95 Coin Divination: performer determines how much change in hand or pocket
96 Match A Color ESP: performer matches color chosen by spectator

104 Chapter Four – Miscellaneous Effects
104 The Jumping Cigarette: a cigarette jumps holes in a cigarette packet
106 Confusing Cube – A Novelty in Black and White: a string passing through the black painted sides of a block move to the white painted sides as dropped through a paper chimney
110 A Spot of Cognac: spectator gets two tries to pick can with Cognac, but it’s in the third
111 Three String Mystery: three strings pulled through a tube turn into one string
113 Linking Ribbons: three colored ribbons become linked
118 Animated Golf Ball and Crystal Tube: a golf ball suspends in a clear tube
123-132 Diagrams: for the above effects

133 Chapter Five – Coins And Cards
133 Penetrative Coin: borrowed coin is impaled with a needle
134 Visible Solid Through Solid: coin passes through a blocked tube
136 Put A Nickel In The Slot: variation of above
137 Loose Change: two in the hand one in the pocket routine
139 Magician’s Hole Card: all cards fall from a string passed through them except for the selection
143 Double Surprise: Deck vanishes in a handkerchief, leaving the card selection
144 One of Four: magician selects which of four cards was thought of
146 Blankety Blank Card Trick: spectator chooses only real card from a blank deck
147-151 Diagrams

152 Chapter Six – Mind Reading Perfected
152 Trick of the Century

160 Chapter Seven – Gravatt’s Split Ring
Handling For New Fantasia
Linking Bracelets
Three Rings On Rope Change Positions
Variations of The Three Rings On A Cord
Ring A Silk
Ring, Safety Pin and Cord
Rope On Wrists Routine
Chinese Coins Up-to-date

172 Chapter Eight – Addenda
Gravatt’s Wheel of Colors
Space Command
Ring, Shoelace And Matchbox
Curious Color Cards
Two Ring And Two Ribbon Routine
The Mysterious Wooden Block

Book II

203 Introduction
209 Chapter One – The Gravatt Picture Pack
212 Chapter Two – Three Mental Mysteries
220 Chapter Three – The Last Card Theme
222 Chapter Four – The Center Card As A Key
228 Chapter Five – The Magic Of Nine
233 Chapter Six – The Simplest Version
238 Chapter Seven – Ruses
243 Chapter Eight – Out Of His Pocket
248 Chapter Nine – His Secret Number
253 Chapter Ten – Two Pile Tricks
258 Chapter Eleven – Multi Pile Mysteries
261 Chapter Twelve – One Of A Dozen
265 Chapter Thirteen – Out Of The Encyclopedia
268 Chapter Fourteen – Miscellaneous
276 Chapter Fifteen – Two Person Revelations
283 Chapter Sixteen – Calculations And Center Keys
287 Chapter Seventeen – Advanced Use Of Center Keys

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