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Gift of a Prediction

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The magician shows a gift bag to the audience, it has a large paper clip attached to the top edge of it. The magician tips the contents from the bag which consists of a red deck of cards and a small envelope. The magician clips the envelope to the outside of the gift bag via the large paper clip. The magician takes the deck from its box and shows that the cards to be mixed. The magician begins to drop the cards one at a time into the gift bag requesting a spectator to say “stop” when they wish. When the spectator says stop the magician offers the spectator a chance to change their mind, eventually, the magician places the stopped at card to one side face down. He then illustrates that if the spectator had said stop sooner what cards they could have stopped at by removing a few cards from the bag and showing them. He also shows the cards that could have been selected if the spectator had gone further. The selected card is now shown to the audience. The envelope is taken from the clip and opened, inside it is a single playing card from a blue deck, when the card is turned face up it is a duplicate of the selected card!...

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