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For My Next Trick by Karrell Fox

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Used book in great condition - for more details email ​​​​​​​

Karrell Fox was a very funny man known for his corny humor - often referred to as Karrell's Korn - and he was a superb magician with an amazing ability to create DIRECT magic. By that I mean he was able to achieve an effect in a very straightforward manner whereas others would create a similar effect and take the long way of achieving the same result. Luckily for us he produced a whole heap of books that are bursting at the seams with ideas and very commercial magic. This is the stuff that you can put straight into your act and make money from it.

In this book, he covers close-up, cards, ropes, mental items, kid stuff, stand-up , illusions, a very good paper tear, and lots of tips and ideas. Includes 63 items, plus his comedic insight.


4 Dedication

5 Thank You's 7 Foreword

9 Introduction

13 Chapter One Close Encounters

15 Imprompchop

18 A Better-Wetter

21 Popper Thimble Vanish

22 Invisible Gun

23 Triple Thimble Vanish

27 Manipucoin

29 Yen-Sational Coin Climax

32 Nest O'Purses

35 Chapter Two Mentalusions

Baloney and Do Something Phoney37 Let's Cut Out All of the Normal and Natural for a Change - Prediction

38 The Mind Dropper

40 Can't Miss Book Test

42 CBS Question Answering

44 Getting Away With Murder

Baloney and Do Something Phoney47 How To Do the Let's Cut Out All of the Normal and Natural for a Change - Prediction

49 Chapter Three Pasteboard Puzzlers

51 Slo-Moshun Card Change

52 Baffling Balance

54 Karrell's Klever Kard Kase

55 Foxy Flip

57 Pretend Prediction

58 Aroundabout Card Production

60 Squeeze-Play Card Production

63 Simply-Difficult Aces

64 Cassettecard

65 The Meat-Slicer Card

67 Jacks In the Box

69 Chapter Four Ropeology

71 Cut 'N Shake Rope

73 Rope Trick No. 221

77 Comedy Ball N' Rope

78 Rope Trick No. 421

80 Elmer's Rope Trick

83 Chapter Five Kid N' Around

85 A Sterling Tip

86 Geni-Weenie

87 Tie N' Bow

88 Firecracker/Snakes

90 Dry Paint

93 Chapter Six Curtains Up

95 Super Simple Silk 2 Egg

97 Korn-nation Kream

98 Grow-Tania

100 Perpetual Stogies

102 Magic Gone to Pot

104 Watch-It

106 The Foxy Paper Tear

108 Karrell's Chinese Tear

110 IBM Rose

113 The Egg-Ceptional Egg Bag

115 The Really Vanishing Cane

117 Simplicibill in Cigarette

119 The Foxy Nest O' Bags

123 Chapter Seven Simplillusions

125 The Girl in the Fishbowl & Re-runs

135 A Hare-Raising Illusion

141 The Utili-Base Illusion Concept

153 Chapter Eight Tricks of the Trades

155 Hand It To 'Em

156 Company Spirit

156 Card Commercial

157 Commercial Frame-Up

163 It's In the Book

164 How to Make a Pile of Money

167 Chapter Nine E.T.C.

169 How It's Done Giveaway

170 Woofle Bottle

171 Ring-Around

172 Cups and Balls Apron

173 Biz-Cards Concept

175 Chapter Ten Final Edition

177 The Final Edition Paper Tear

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