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Flashpoints by Ed Marlo - Book or Ebook

Flashpoints by Ed Marlo - Book or Ebook
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Combining two influential works from the annals of card magic; "Full Tilt" is a comprehensive treatise on one of the most powerful subtleties in card magic. Introduced by Dai Vernon and finessed by Ed Marlo, it has dozens of uses and applications. Anyone can understand and perform it in minutes - yet it deceives everyone. Forget about complicated, difficult, knuckle-busting controls. The Tilt Concept provide total control and precise placement of a selected card without the sweat, anxiety or effort. Full Tilt has 120 pages and 70 photographs, including a complete history, over fifty items, and added material by Roger Klause, Neal Elias, Jon Racherbaumer, Ben Harris, David Harkey, Daryl, and Ken Simmons. "Devilish Miracle". first published in 1948, has been unavailable for years. The plot is devilish and cardmen have kept it under wraps for decades. This 40-page treatise includes the original manuscript, plus all the refinements and methods Marlo added over the years. Both historic books in a single volume, making the hard-to-get easy-to find. 168 pages, photo-illustrated.Contents of Full Tilt:INTRODUCTIONFOREWORDTWO LETTERS (Walt Rollins, Edward Marlo)HOW DEEP IS THIS ILLUSION?MORE BLUFF SHIFTSFOR ONE CARD (Added Ideas)BLUFF SHIFTTo The Top Or At Any Number From TopTo The Bottom Or At Any Number From BottomBLUFF SHIFT AND PALM OFFFLEXIBLE BLUFF SHIFTD'AMICO TOUCHA ONE-HAND TILT (Jon Racherbaumer)ONE-HANDED TILT II (Walt Lees)DOUBLE TILTINGTHE 360-DEGREE TILTCONVINCING TILT (Daryl Martinez)TILT THROW-OFF (Ken Simmons)CARDICIAN'S TILT THROW-OFF (Ken Simmons)TILT THROW-OFF II (Jon Racherbaumer)AMBITIOUS PHASESWafting Upward (Ben Hams)Smack Up 60Tilted Doubly AmbitiousAmbitious Card Bit (Neal Elias)Houdini Would Have Bought This!ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WATCH (Edward Marlo)HITHER & YONTilted TranspositionFour-and-Four TranspositionTilt and K.M. Move TranspoHip Hop AcesCriss-Cross TranspositionPSYCHIC ENTERTAINMENTSDo As I DoOpen or Closed PredictionMental EliminationSANDWICH STUFFTrappedPinchersTilt SandwichTilt Sandwich IITilt Sandwich IIISUNDRY EFFECTSTilt StabSimple Blues For Simple "S"Clan GatheringAnother Classical QuickieTilted Classical QuickieAces To PocketSurpriseNumbered TiltTilted AcesTilted DunburyFake Center Deal (Roger Hause)Tilt AdditionVisible TiltLATE ENTRY TIPS (Edward Marlo)First TipSecond Tip: Tilted Slip CutEPILOGUETailwind (David Harkey)Contents of Edward Marlo's COMPLEAT DEVILISH MIRACLEEffectOriginal MethodsFirst MethodSecond MethodMarlo's FavoriteControls And SwitchoutsOriginal ControlFrom-The-Spread SwitchoutMechanical-Second Switch-OutDirect ExchangeFake Put-DownAffis ExchangeDoubly Devilish Miracle

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