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Eyes of Loki by Retro Rocketeers

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This is a UK EXCLUSIVE item for us and is Made to order - Delivery in around 14 to 21  days.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


The Eyes of Loki are a fun magical routine that takes the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits theme and extends it further into an impossible looking effect with multiple color changes and deceptions.

Two relics are introduced to the audience, one representing a Copper Eye, and the other a Teal Eye. Once under cover the eyes appear to switch positions, before switching back. As the magician goes to inspect the items for the audience he turns around the eyes to reveal the the colors on the backs of the eyes are not copper or teal at all! But we’re not done, without missing a beat or covering the eyes again each of the eyes are carefully turned over once more to show that there was never any copper or teal on either sides of the eyes!

The handling of these items is beautifully clean and simple with the magician being able to show his hands empty at all times during the routine and even being able to delicately handle the items with just the finger tips giving this effect a flawless & baffling presentation.

Designed by Anthony Yap these beautiful hand made items are produced with precision and care creating a truly unique magical item that looks like it could have been discovered deep within some old hidden ruins.

Hand-made & Rare: Each piece is made to order and individually 3D Printed before being hand finished, assembled and hand painted with care. Due to the production process and hand work involved each item is it’s own unique piece of art with small variations leaving no two sets exactly alike. Your Eyes of Loki will be unique to you and yours only.

Video Tutorial Link Included: A link and password to a 15min video tutorial is included along with your items. This video features the creator Anthony Yap walking you through the explanation, routine, setup and some helpful tips on learning this effect.

Material: Eco Friendly PLA Bio-Plastic

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