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ESPY-onage by Stephen Young

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Why restrict yourself to divining one symbol from a set of 5?

Imagine a set of 40 cards, each containing 7 different pieces of data. That’s 280 pieces of information.
What if you could reveal all this information without memorising ANY of the data,.
Without any cribs, nothing written down, no confederates, no pre-show…..

Close-up or stage. One-to-one, or to a whole theatre
The “Relativity System” will allow you to apparently remote view a scene, the fine details of which, are known only to one member of your audience.

The number of ways of using ESPy-onage is limited only by your imagination.

  • Each of the 40 cards is 110×95 mm and printed on thick card stock.
  • Each card contains 7 pieces of data, none of which needs to be memorised.
  • On the reverse of each card is the exquisite marking system developed by Paralabs.

An easy to learn system allows you to reveal all the data, without having to memorise any of it.

The method even aids you in making it look like real mind reading.

Presentational possibilities are genuinely unlimited.

These 40 cards are produced as exact copies of ones used by Allied military researchers during the height of the cold war.
The British Secret Service had somehow got hold of a number of items of soviet origin during one of its’ missions, and a version of these cards was among them.
They were translated and reproduced in the form you see here.
Information from a few separate sources enabled the British to piece together some of the experiments the soviets were conducting into the feasibility of using “psychic” agents as part of their spy programme. These cards were part of that programme.
(It has been known for some time that America and the U.K. were conducting similar experiments. These cards, however, are the only tangible evidence of that fact).

It is known that the soviets carried out these experiments at a location known only as Building 77.
It seems that subjects were split into pairs; subject one, the “receiver”, was locked into a bare room while subject two, the “sender”, was lead around a specially-laid-out test area in the basement of Building 77.
The aim was for subject two to transmit details of his surroundings to subject one, back in the sealed room.

The test area consisted of the following elements;

  • A door, that was unlocked by turning a dial so that an arrow pointed in one of four directions.
  • Once opened, this revealed a room in which were………
  • Five pieces of artwork depicting geometric symbols. Behind one of these pictures was hidden a…….
  • Safe, which was unlocked by one of 6 keys of different colours. Once opened, inside the safe was found…..
  • A diary, on the cover of which was embossed two letters. Presumably initials. The last entry consisted of…..
  • A date…
  • A time….
  • A six figure code number
  • All of these elements could be changed to produce an almost unlimited variation of test conditions.

These cards were used by the test controllers as a blueprint for the setting up of the test area.
The controller would take a random card and set the test area up according to the data on the chosen card.
This same card would then be used to compare with the impressions recorded by subject one in the sealed room.

There were unsubstantiated rumours that the controllers had connected both subjects to some kind of electric shock devices and both were subjected to “punishment incentives” if a piece of information was either wrongly sent or received.

There is no information available on the effectiveness or otherwise of the soviet tests, but the British Secret Service and the U.S. military kept detailed reports on all its experiments in this field. Unfortunately they are restricted information and unlikely to be cleared for release any time soon, if at all.

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