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Delands Original $100 Deck

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The Delands Deck has been a favorite with magicians for more than 100 years!
It's an incredible gimmicked deck because it's tapered AND it's marked- AND it's got a built-in card location system!

The ideas and design of this deck were created by Theodore L. De Land in the first decade of the 1900s.
More than 100 years later, De Land's deck and his other magical inventions continue to fool audiences... even the most observant spectator.
This deck is a real favorite of magicians because you can do SO MUCH with it.

Here's what makes this deck so special:

The Delands 100 Dollar Deck is a MARKED deck.
The clever secret marking system gives you the ability to know the value of any card from the back- without seeing its face.
Let your spectator choose any card from the face-down deck, and you'll instantly know what that card is.
Any trick that requires knowing what card your spectator pointed to is a trick you can do more easily with this deck.

The Delands 100 Dollar Deck is a TAPERED aka STRIPPED deck.
This deck is a Stripper deck, which gives you the ability to control a card or groups of cards by simply touching them.
This is what allowed Jim in our video to pull the Ace out of the deck so quickly.
And any trick you can do with the Stripper Deck, you can do with the Delands Deck.
See the Stripper Deck, the instruction video and book available below!


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