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D Minus 5 by Steve Dela

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Effect included

Six envelopes are displayed, all of which as said to contain a lucky fortune. Three dice are introduced and rolled a few times by the spectator to show that they are indeed regular. The envelopes are now mixed up by the spectator and handed back to the performer. They are placed out in a row. The performer gestures to the envelopes in their order stating that they are now numbered 1 to 6 and that five people will get a fortune and leave himself (the performer) with which ever fortune is not chosen.

The dice are handed to the first spectator who rolls and then gets to choose which number out of the one rolled that he gets to keep for himself. He rolls, he chooses. This is repeated 4 more times (either with 4 different people…or one person 4 more times) until just one envelope if left. This last envelope becomes the performers fortune.

Each envelope is opened and the comedy fortunes are read out loud. Once the laugher has died down, the performer reads his fortune…

“He who gets the last envelope… gets the last laugh” your envelope is then shown to also contain a £20 note.

Super Funny... Super Powerful


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